In episode 355 of Marketer of the Day, Robert Plank interviews Dr. Matt Motil about his life story on how he went from failing to succeeding and then repeating the process. He goes into detail on how he was able to finally change his mindset and create the life he always wanted!

Robert Plank is an online business coach who would like to help you manage your time, get your life back, and simplify your daily activities.

Robert Plank has transformed several “below $2,000 per month” businesses and turned them into “$30,000+ per month” businesses using a few simple tweaks and proven strategies involving technology.

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Robert Plank “Marketer of the Day” Episode 355 with Dr. Matt Motil


1. Dr. Matt Motil’s Background


Dr. Matt Motil was raised in a middle class family in the Midwest.

He grew up with the mindset that you go to college, and thats that. He didn’t have a choice.

His mindset was get good grades, have a good resume, so you can ultimately get a good job.

He was part of a fraternity where he gained a bunch of momentum that left him feeling like he could take over the world.

Upon graduating, he became an employee, and soon realized, no cares what you’ve done or who you are as long as you fill a seat.

Matt kept trying to find that same momentum throughout college in the work of an employee, but he was never going to find it, no matter the ranking.

He was ultimately burned out.

Once Matt realized he was burned out, he went back to school. He got his MBA, went to law school, and got his PhD, where he realized he almost became “unemployable.”

Through the process of this all, subconsciously Matt was just running away from his unfulfilled employment, his marriage, etc.

At this point in his life he was working construction full time, and made his side hustle real estate investing.


2. Life in Real Estate


In 2015, Matt got his real estate license, and New Years Eve of 2015, he was fired from his job, and decided HE WAS NEVER GOING BACK!

At this time, his rentals were making enough passive income to overcome the bills at home. It gave him a level of security when deciding he was never going back to work as an employee again.

He went through this entrepreneurial shift, where he would run into a road block at each decision he made, that would continue to have him running into multiple roadblocks with multiple decisions.

Matt finally started up a real estate investing company that helps millions of people around the world.

When he started this company, he soon realized that even though he had been taught all this higher education in business, he didn’t know how to apply it. He felt lost.

He soon realized that higher education taught people how to be good employees, not entrepreneurs.

He eventually stopped teaching because when he didn’t know much about starting his own business, and was teaching students how to do exactly that, he felt a conflict within himself.

Dr. Matt Motil wrote a best-selling book, Man on Fire, which he found very therapeutic and life changing.

In the time he wrote this book, he was able to put all his thoughts into perspective and it was a mindset shift. Ironically, it was the 15 year anniversary of receiving his undergrad. It took him 15 years to get where he wanted, and NEEDED to be.

15 years was disheartening, but it never stopped Dr. Matt Motil in achieving his goals!


3. Any Regrets?


Robert Plank askes, “do you regret anything along the way?”

Dr. Matt Motil doesn’t!

All of his experiences are the foundation of where he is today.

Every experience leads you to who you are at this moment.

If he didn’t go through these experiences, he wouldn’t be where he is today.

He could have stayed in the job he hated, but he made the decision that changed not only mindset, but his life.

Are you going through the life motions?

You can change your life, there is NO EXCUSES!

Want to learn more? Jump on over to where Matt wants to help you succeed!


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