CFK 093- Interview with Spacious CEO: Preston Pesek

We [Spacious] basically are delivering to the world in prime, urban destinations drop-in workspaces at a street and walk-in retail level. It means you can come in and get to work anywhere. We deliver this product a couple of different ways. We use restaurants that don’t otherwise open until 5pm and we use vacant retail spaces for a pop-up workplace.

CFK 075- Real Estate Investing Horror Stories

On this week’s podcast, Dr. Matt Motil discusses the horror stories that can happen in real estate investing. Real estate investing has been proven to help anyone gain wealth and financial freedom, but it's not easy and all sunshine. When people are real estate...

CFK 074- Private Lending VS Syndicate/Funds

If you want to be in real estate investing, you want to hold the title to the property. This means you are responsible for EVERYTHING. Trash, tenants, repairs, etc. is all on you. Some people would rather be passive and have the money in, without having to take care...

CFK 073- Interview with Jason Hull

On this week’s podcast, Dr. Matt Motil interviews Jason Hull about his company DoorGrow. We talk about why a real estate investor needs good tenants and how DoorGrow helps keep the shitty ones away from your rentals! Jason gives a ton of insight on his company and...

CFK 072-Negotiating with a Motivated Seller

On this week’s podcast, Dr. Matt Motil discusses what you should do after you have a motivated seller talking. Getting a seller is half the battle and negotiating for the best deal is the other half. Real Estate Investing is all about finding the best deals and using...

CFK 070- Scaling Your Investing Business

Going from a solo-preneur, someone who’s doing every job themselves, realizes really quickly that being a one-person operation will hold anyone back. But how do you grow a business from scratch?

CFK 071- Leasing Hacks

I have been doing real estate investing for a while now and there are things I look back on and think “why did I do that that way?”. Hindsight is 20/20, right? I wanted to share with fellow real estate investors the hacks and tricks I have learned with leases over the last few years of investing.

CFK 069- Top 3 Take-Aways from Latest Mastermind

Mastermind events are these great events generally put on by 1 or more experts in any given field. Some people might also call these conferences. Same idea. Generally, I attend real estate investing masterminds and I attend multiple masterminds a year.

CFK 067- Bo Kim Interview

This interview is a great resource for those who are afraid to pull the trigger and invest in real estate. Bo Kim walks us through his first deal and how he got the courage to start investing in real estate, even when he possibly overthinks or over-analyzes the deals.

CFK 046- Using Retirement Funds for Real Estate Investing

How can you use your retirement accounts to invest in real estate? 401k and IRA’s can earn so much more than you were led to believe. Most people put their money into their account and they let it ride until they are 60 and can pull it out.

CFK 045- Stop Being a Little Bitch!

In episode 41, I discussed the top 5 excuses that I get for why people don’t want to take action. The most important excuse that I didn’t mention is – fear. Have you been putting off making your first real estate deal because it just isn’t the ‘right’ deal? News flash: Every deal is the right deal. Limit your criteria, stop living in fear, and take action!

CFK Podcast 042: To Pay Off Debt Or Invest Extra Cash

In this episode, Dr. Matt Motil talks about whether or not you should pay off your debt or invest extra cash. The right answer is "it depends" First off, I'm not an accountant or CPA, so make sure you check with a professional before implementing any of this advice....

CFK 044- To Do Section 8… or RUN!

Section 8 - HUD Guidelines - Subsidized program will change names depending on your city. Section 8 is not for everybody and it's not for every property, but there are many pros when both of those matches up. Listen to the episode here! Pros and Cons of Section 8...

AEP Podcast 014: Special Guest Josh Carter

In this episode, Dr. Matt Motil interviews tattoo artist and entrepreneur, Josh Carter. He just opened his own shop with partner John in Old Town Scottsdale in Phoenix, Arizona. Let's get started... Special Guest Josh Carter    1. Introduction   Josh is a...

CFK Podcast 041: Top 5 Excuses To Not Taking Action

In this episode, Dr. Matt Motil talks about the top 5 excuses to not taking action! This topic isn't specifically for real estate, but life lessons in general! You are not going to do anything great in the world without taking action! Fuck your excuses! Let's get...

AEP Podcast 013: Special Guest Tucker Ferwerda

In this episode, Dr. Matt Motil interviews digital marketer and consultant, Tucker Ferwerda. He's been in the business for around 4-5 years. Let's get started... Special Guest Tucker Ferwerda    1. Introduction   Tucker has a family with his beautiful wife...

CFK Podcast 040: Guest Whitney Nicely

In this episode, Dr. Matt Motil interviews the "queen of East Tennessee real estate investor," Whitney Nicely. They talk about real estate investing, empowering women, and kicking ass in real estate. And even mention Ryan Stewman, Mark Evans Dm and Kevin Nations!...

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