CFK 092- How To: Remote Real Estate Deals

If I haven’t answered all your questions in this episode, but you really, really want to be remote, I can tell you the secret sauce.

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CFK 093- Interview with Spacious CEO: Preston Pesek

We [Spacious] basically are delivering to the world in prime, urban destinations drop-in workspaces at a street and walk-in retail level. It means you can come in and get to work anywhere. We deliver this product a couple of different ways. We use restaurants that don’t otherwise open until 5pm and we use vacant retail spaces for a pop-up workplace.

CFK 091- Wholesale Deal Closeouts

This is the end of the real estate wholesale mini-series. I have given you all the information you need to really start doing wholesaling. It is up to you to do the work, but I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Wholesaling can help you get some great cashflow in the beginning and you can use real estate investing to grow your wealth! Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

What Winterizing A Rental Looks Like

Real Estate Investing is amazing for cashflow, but if your rentals are vacant when it starts to get cold, you will have to make sure no damage is done to the rental while it’s empty. Water damage is nasty and can cost you some money depending on where all the water goes and how long it sits.

CFK 088- Part 3: Real Estate Wholesale Inspections

You have to know that the real estate property you sell has to come within a specific range for it to be a good deal. If the property needs $20k worth of repairs and adding that to the price of what you sold it for makes it a bad deal, you need to know to either not buy it yourself or that finding a buyer will be difficult.

CFK 087- Part 2: Getting Your Wholesaling Acquisitions

Wholesaling is a great way to begin your real estate investing journey, especially if you aren’t interested in having rentals or dealing with buy and hold situations. This week we will be talking about how to wholesale real estate by getting your acquisitions. There is no wholesaling deal if there aren’t acquisitions.

CFK 086- Part 1: Wholesaling Intro

Wholesaling is finding a deal, getting it under contract, and then finding a buyer for that deal and getting paid for it. Your biggest wholesaling benefit will be fixing the pain points of the seller and still giving a good deal to a buyer.

A Real Estate Agent for REI..?

Real estate investing is awesome and many people starting out want to know if using a realtor will get them on the right track the quickest. As a realtor, you should 100% be using your network to invest. As an investor, using a realtor with no investing experience will probably not be the best way to go.

CFK 084- Success in 2019

Dr. Matt Motil talks about 2019 and how your reflections on the previous year can help you achieve financial success in real estate investing.

CFK 083- You vs You

This is an episode for those who are going out and taking action, but haven’t thought about the fundamentals in awhile. So many people are not focusing on their mindset and remembering what it was like to start your real estate investing journey. You are your biggest...

Plan Your Day, Plan Your Success

When I quit my job to do full-time real estate investing, I was so excited. I no longer had anyone to answer to and I could make up whatever schedule I wanted for myself. This freedom was both a good and bad thing. I felt less stress because I felt in control of my...

How to Avoid the 2008 Market Crash…Now

Not to date anyone, but most people born before 1988 will have some sort of understanding of the 2008 housing market crash. People were losing homes and interest rates were crazy. There was a lot happening around those times and it caused panic for those that did not...

CFK 079- Attitude of Gratitude

This year, for Thanksgiving 2018, we are going to talk about mindset and what it has to do with success. I have talked about mindset before, but it is important to know that having an attitude of gratitude makes all the difference. Thanksgiving is a time to be...

How Much Renovation is Too Much?

Real estate investing is an amazing opportunity, but it’s a business! There are people who are out there remodeling houses and units and making them way too nice or way too slum-like. Many people have great intentions when they begin renovating a rental property, but...

CFK 077- Size Matters: Doing Your Due Diligence

You will hear me talking about doing your due diligence for each real estate deal on social media or videos and other podcasts. You might be thinking, what is due diligence? Due diligence changes with the type of lender you use. A commercial lender might have a real...

CFK 076- Winterizing Your Rentals

On this week’s podcast, Dr. Matt Motil discusses the need for real estate investors to winterize their rentals in the northern states. You don’t want to spend the extra money fixing burst pipes because you didn’t think to winterize them before the cold temperatures came!

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