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Lessons From A Perpetual Burnout For Creating Alignment For Success.

Man on Fire is written for anyone that knows their life hasn’t reached their fullest potential. Written by someone who has failed repeatedly on the path to alignment and success.

Dr. Matt Motil shares his journey navigating the road of a wanna-be real estate investor, perpetual burnout, and closet entrepreneur. Providing lessons learned along the road as an employee while constantly searching and striving for the momentum that ultimately was only achieved after pursuing his passions in real estate.

This book is filled with real-world examples of battling and overcoming the 9-to-5 grind, toxic co-workers, childhood illness, cancer, and countless failed attempts at gaining momentum to ultimately creating alignment, blasting through plateaus and designing a life worth living.

This is a must have! Not just for entrepreneurs but anyone who needs a kick in the rear!!

Charles A Beis

I am not an avid reader so I can always tell a good book that interests me by whether I finish it or not. I recently traveled out to California and read half of this book on the way out and the other half on the way back. I recommend this book for anyone at any point in their life.
R. Lovelace

I love this book, Matt Motil has a great story and this book has so many lessons I highly highly highly recommend you buy this and read it twice!
Justin Howard

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