On The Embrace The Chase podcast, Jordan Knecht interviews Dr. Matt Motil the author of Man On Fire, Founder of The Marie Paul Company, Real Estate Expert, and host of The Cash Flow King Podcast.

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Jordan Knecht “Embrace The Chase” Episode 42 With Dr. Matt Motil


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1. Who Is Dr. Matt Motil? What Lead Him to Real Estate?


Matt is almost 38 years old.

He went to college, he ultimately did not have a choice.

He received a mechanical engineering degree, and got into construction after college. He grew up in the construction world.

In college, Matt got the “entrepreneurial bug” and got into real estate.

He didn’t know how to get into real estate, he thought he needed a degree.

He read everything he could, and his mindset was changed when he read Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Matt flipped his 1st house right out of college. He kept real estate always as a side hustle.

He did the property management of his parent’s home and fell into property rentals. And the more he did it, the more he liked it.

Matt thought he wanted to be an attorney and went to law school. He ultimately dropped out of law school.

He was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 30.

Matt thought he wanted to teach, and received his doctrine.

Matt taught higher education for awhile until he realized that he was just teaching students how to be really good employees for middle class management. He believed this thought process was screwed up.

When it came down to starting his own company, he was completely lost. And thats what he was teaching students to do. It wasn’t right.


2. Man On Fire Book


The book basically explains Matt’s life story.

It explains how he had a ton of momentum in college and once he graduated and became an employee it was gone!

How did he get it back?

Matt didn’t get that momentum back until real estate was able to get him out of the “middle class trap.”


3. What is One Tip for Someone Who Wants to Get Into Real Estate?


Matt suggests getting a mentor.

Start with wholesaling, you can do wholesaling with little to no money.


4. What Are Some New Projects You Are Working On?


He’s writing a new book Fuck Your 9-5 that will be fiction based.

Matt came out with a new course about getting started in wholesale real estate for newbies.

He came out with a new podcast show “The American Entrepreneur,” it is heavy interview based. It focuses on the general aspect of business.


5. Where Do You Do Real Estate At?


Matt predominantly does real estate deals in Northeast, Ohio.

His company does buy n hold real estate properties.


6. Do You Use Hard Money Lending or Joint Ventures?


Hard money lenders are almost like professional loan sharks. They have high interest rates and short loans.

Matt works with private lenders consistently.


7. Is There Anything on Your Heart You Want People to Know About?


The world is a very small place especially with the day n age of the internet. You never really know who you can trust.


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