Your favorite Doctor, aka “The Cash Flow King” Dr. Matt Motil had the pleasure to be interviewed on Robert Planks Podcast, “The Robert Plank Show: Passive Income With Internet Marketing, Membership Sites, WordPress, And Webinars.”


In this podcast interview, Dr. Motil discusses with Robert Plank the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur on a mission and also the importance of having a defined plan for your entrepreneurial journeys.


Fail, Succeed, Repeat: The Journey Of An Entrepreneur


This interview covers Dr. Matt Motil’s personal journey from the ups to the downs, the wins as well as the losses.


Hear first hand how Dr. Motil transitioned to “The Cash Flow King” and how you can do the same no matter what is going on in your life/world right now.


This podcast is full of inspiration and life lessons for anyone doing anything, that wants to make an impact. 


Listen to the full episode below…



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