In episode 21 of The Everyday Millionaire, Patrick Francey interviews Dr. Matt Motil about how he was able to leverage his purpose and passion to become an author, mentor, teacher and help people all over the world unleash their abilities to achieve their highest potential.

An accomplished speaker, facilitator and host, over the past two decades Patrick has taught and presented to thousands of real estate investors entrepreneurs across Canada, both live and online. He is best known for providing his audiences with foundational lessons and context for understanding how to “treat your real estate investing like a business.”

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The Everyday Millionaire Podcast ft. Guest Dr. Matt Motil


1. Dr. Matt Motil’s Background


Dr. Matt Motil is a real estate investor, business owner, and entrepreneur with goals of elevating himself, family, team, investors and students.

Matt has worked with hundreds of investors from around the world to help them grow their wealth and passive income through remote real estate investments.

Before getting into the real estate game, Matt was a project manager and licensed engineer in the construction industry for 17 years.

Matt first got into real estate in the 90s with the “gateway drug” for real estate investing — Rich Dad, Poor Dad.


2. Life as a Project Manager & Engineer


Matt’s entrepreneurial spirit was not set from example; indeed a degree in college was the opportunity he was presented and undertook.

Matt gets into detail why being a project manager and employee in a firm was not for him.  He felt inequity in the workforce.

He sat down one day and thought: how can we be a six figure income family and still have nothing at the end of the day? Where is all the money going?


3. Dr. Matt Motil Takes The Plunge To Fire His Boss Forever


Things starting clicking for Matt when he decided to the cut the cords as an employee and start his own business, and with that came his self-awareness.

Dr. Matt Motil gets into detail about the fork in the road and defining moment on New Years of 2015 where he forever quit his 9-5 day job!


4. Working With A Spouse


How do Matt and wife Amy work together as a team in business? A potentially tricky proposition, but overall satisfying.

Matt gets into detail on how he feels about working together with your spouse as an entrepreneur, alignment is critical.


5. Creating Your Dream Team


Matt talks about the wise advise from one of his mentors; expansing on the mental hurdle of hiring the right team, sharing control, and standing steady in decision.

A dream team consists of elevating everyone to their highest and best use, one person’s dislikes is another person’s dream job!

By building a team, you must overcome the small business psychology of the “cost” vs. the “investment” in the business.

Matt says, “f*ck your excuses,” there’s no reason you and your team can’t be great!

He goes into detail how he creates his team a little bit differently, which is key to the business’s success.  He hires for culture and environment vs. skill.



6. Real Estate Investing


Matt goes into detail his experience and philosophy with leadership.

He talks about the kind of support and how much support he gets from his coaches and mentors, he finds their support crucial.

He speaks about the business’s vision, structure, and optimal lifestyle design to create SUCCESS.

Matt first started with fix and flips, and eventually narrowed his focus on purchasing diverse property types.  He talks about how crucial private capital is with investing



7. Advice


The advice Matt would give to his 18 year-old self is: there’s never going to be “right” time.

By taking action now, you won’t be left with the “what-ifs.”

By taking Dr. Matt Motil’s advice you too can create alignment for success through real estate!


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