In this episode, Dr. Matt Motil talks about how to create a massive cashflow stream using AirBnB, without a ton of cash, credit, or even owning the property!

This is a genius system, I wish I would have created it. If you want more info or have questions, hop on over to!

If you aren’t familiar with AirBnB, the basic concept is short term rentals. It’s kind of like the Uber of hotels…

You can take a property, put it out on AirBnB and rent it out on a short term basis.

Let’s get started…

Crushing It With AirBNB


1. The Basic Concept


The basic concept is you’re going to go out and find properties in your area.

It can be in your market or other desirable areas (vacation rentals, etc).

You need to reach out to the owner and get permission to rent the place to you and see if they allow short-term guests.

If the owner is OK with it, you can take the property and put it on AirBnB.

My friend, Brian came up with this brilliant idea!

It gives you a chance to make a huge cash differential spread on a property that you don’t even own!

This is HUGE! Most rentals we see in an ownership situation aren’t making anywhere near this kind of cashflow and we have all the ownership stuff that goes along with the property.

Have more questions? Go out to


2. Example Time…


Assume, you find a rental online.

It’s a house in B+/A- area close to the airport and a lot of hotels in the area.

You can rent the whole house for $800 per month.

Your costs as a renter will be $200 per month, and that includes utilities, insurance, internet, etc.

So all in… your monthly rental will be $1,000.

You rent out the entire house for $100 per night.

When comparing to a hotel, it’s an awesome deal. Take in account room size differences, etc.

We assume, in short term rentals an 80% occupancy rate.

So $100 per night at 80% occupancy rate equals 20 nights a month rented out at $100 per night. That comes out to $2,000 per month.

$1,000 per month in cash flow!

Beautiful thing is you don’t own the property, so if anything breaks in the home, it goes on the owner/landlord to fix.

Pure cash flow investment!

Want to implement this system for yourself? Go get more info at

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