This year, for Thanksgiving 2018, we are going to talk about mindset and what it has to do with success. I have talked about mindset before, but it is important to know that having an attitude of gratitude makes all the difference. Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful. You get reminded about it for about a week before the actual holiday and then you don’t have anyone talking about being grateful for the rest of the year. I try to keep the spirit of gratefulness alive all year round. It’s not just about making me feel good, but about training my mindset so I achieve the success I anticipate for the year.

CFK 079- Attitude of Gratitude

Welcome! I am so thankful to my audience as they are the ones that keep this ‘ol podcast going. Since Thanksgiving was yesterday, I decided to talk about gratitude and how that mindset can set you up for more success than you thought. 


Each night I write down, physically write, all the pain points I had that day. What was bothering me, what wasn’t accomplished, anything that might need solving soon. I believe that your brain works on these problems even when you’re sleeping. So I get the thoughts out and see what happens.

After the pain points, I turn to the good things of the day. The success highlight reel of the day plays through my head. It can be a win in both professional and personal contexts. Did I get to spend quality time with my kids? Did one of them understand an academic problem they had been struggling with? Did I get a new client today or close a deal? There are many types of successes you should be aware of in your day. I write down the wins before bed, so I can start my day knowing that yesterday had good points and today will have them too.

I focus, each day, on being thankful. I wake up thankful because I woke up. As cheesy as it sounds, each day is something to be thankful for because it is a new opportunity in your journey as an entrepreneur or a parent or whatever brings you joy.


What’s Gratitude Got to Do With It?

You have to be aware of the journey. Success will come, but it’s not something you can only enjoy when you accomplish your life plan. Enjoy the journey because your life goals will probably change a few times. You may not achieve your original life goals and if that is how you are measuring your success, you will never have anything to be grateful for and you will give up. Your mindset needs to be changed.


Your mindset should mean you are aware of the opportunities you have each day. The opportunity might not end the way you imagined, but you can be grateful it was there at all. You can be grateful for the lessons learned or grateful you had the ability to take action. There is more to be grateful for than you originally thought. Once you realize your mindset should be one of gratefulness, you don’t let bad deals stop you from getting success. You figure out ways to power through good and bad times.

So, as Thanksgiving comes to a close and all the holidays come around. Don’t let any day escape you without being able to think about a few things you can be grateful for. Even if its just the fact you aren’t sleeping outside (unwillingly). Success and mindset go together, just make sure you know what kind of mindset is necessary!

Until Next Time…

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