Section 8 – HUD Guidelines – Subsidized program will change names depending on your city. Section 8 is not for everybody and it’s not for every property, but there are many pros when both of those matches up.

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Pros and Cons of Section 8

First things first, you will need to get approved for Section 8 or you will not get paid. Don’t know if Section 8 is worth the pay? Check out where you will put in your state and county and it will tell you your FMR (Fair Market Rent). The FMR value is the highest you can charge for Section 8. You can then compare the FMR to market value. Once you have both prices, you can compare them. Sometimes FMR will be higher than market value. This means that the government will pay you more money through Section 8 than a Market Tenant through market value. In this case, Section 8 would be the way to go.

  1. What are the cons of Section 8?
    1. It’s a lot of work and it’s a government program so it is going to be slow. This is not a quick and easy process, it will require time.
    2. You will need to get approved to be a Section 8 landlord, get your unit inspected, and place the tenant. Get your inspection done before you place the tenant.
    3.  There is a lot of paperwork.
  2. What are the pros of Section 8?
    1. You get paid via direct deposit, on time, every month.
    2. Most tenants take care of the unit, they are responsible for any damage– not the program, but the tenant. If you they don’t take care of the unit they can be removed from the program and lose their voucher. There is also a screening process for tenants to get Section 8 approved. Always screen tenants personally as well, whether Section 8 or not.
    3. FMR and TCH (Total Cost of Housing) decide what utilities are included and which ones aren’t. Makes it easy to see what the tenant needs to pay and what they don’t. The tenant will know exactly what they need to pay monthly so if they can’t afford it then find a new one.


Should you do Section 8 or not? It depends. How much is the units FMR and Market value? Where is the unit located? Do you want to do the work involved to get Section 8 approved? Are you willing to go through inspections? Answer these questions and then decide.

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