Wholesaling or flipping contracts isn’t always the biggest topic when it comes to real estate investing conversations, but it should be.

In the second episode of “The Realest Real Estate Podcast, The Cash Flow King” Dr. Matt Motil talks in depth about the art of wholesaling/flipping real estate contracts and why it’s one of his favorite forms of real estate advertising.

If you are going to fire your boss and live a lifestyle that you are going to love, you ‘re going to need a better understanding of the different types of real estate investments.

This podcast episode is all about flipping real estate contracts and wholesaling.

Flipping Real Estate Contracts & Wholesaling

What Is Wholesaling?

Wholesaling real estate is essentially just flipping contracts. Flipping contracts is just what it sounds like.

You are basically putting a contract on a property and then selling that contract to another investor for a profit.

After listening to this episode Cash Flow King Podcast you are going to have a much better understanding of the art of contract flipping/wholesaling real estate.

Who Can Do It?

Once you have an understanding of what contract flipping entails you will know if it’s right for you or not.

If it sounds like it is up your alley, you will want to as always check into the legalities in your state. We are not trying to get you caught up in any legal struggles.

Motil dives into figuring out if contract flipping is the route you should take in your real estate investing career.

What Is Required?

If you are going to be successful “flipping contracts” like anything, there are a few key requirements.

  • Good Deals – If you aren’t getting good deals you are going to have struggles being profitable.
  • Good Buyers – If you do not have quality and qualified buyers you are not going to be successful.
  • Good Closing Agent/Title Company – Having a go-to agent/title company that understands your objectives and is willing to work hard for you is key to your success.

Make sure you listen to the full podcast episode because Dr. Matt Motil goes into more detail about the requirements to be a boss AF real estate contract flipping, wholesaling king!

Where Do You Find Good Deals?

The bread and butter of flipping real estate contracts are getting your hands on good deals.

The deal has to be right or it will not work so you have to become an expert at spotting the good deals in your marketplace.

I bet you are asking “where does one find themselves all the good deals?”

Here is a quick preview of the places Dr. Matt Motil discusses in this episode where you can start looking for good deals:

  • On Market
  • Off Market
  • Motivated Sellers
  • FSBO’s

The good Doctor goes into detail on all four of the places you can start looking into for good deals.

How Do You Know If It’s A Good Deal?

So now that you know where to be looking to unearth the good deals on real estate in your marketplace how are you suppose to know what is a good deal and what is not?

For starters, it is important to know your marketplace and know what similar properties/projects have sold for recently.

You also will need to be able to know how to calculate the expenses of fixing the property up to make it acceptable to your buyer.

In this “Cash Flow King Podcast” your favorite Doctor, Mr. Matt Motil delivers some super valuable tips to help you determine if a property is a good deal or not.

Ready To Start Flipping Real Estate Contracts Like A Boss?

Mastering the art of flipping real estate contacts can lead to massive amounts of money and success all with little to a very minimum financial investment out of pocket.

Want to learn more about flipping real estate contracts and how you can get throw your hat into the ring? Let’s schedule a time to talk more about it. Click here to schedule.

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