Looking for great returns on rental properties? Depending on where you live, your local market might be the best option when it simply comes to cash-on-cash returns and ROI. People have been asking me for years why I choose to invest in the Cleveland market and not look elsewhere. My response has always been the same, that I don’t need to go outside my market because the returns here are so great! Well, sounds like I’ve either done such a great job spreading this message, or everyone else is starting to pick up on the secret too (or both). CNBC this year named Cleveland the number 1 rental market in the country, and it’s no surprise to this guy.

But, what if you don’t live in Cleveland and want to take advantage of the great market we have here? No worries, you can download a free copy of my Ultimate Guide to Remote Investing here.

Here’s the Best and Worst Rental Markets in the Country according to CNBC:

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