So I did a podcast on winterizing your real estate investment property a few weeks ago. You can find the podcast here for all the steps and things you can do to make sure a pipe bursting is literally impossible from freezing weather.

What To Do

Real Estate Investing is amazing for cashflow, but if your rentals are vacant when it starts to get cold, you will have to make sure no damage is done to the rental while it’s empty. Water damage is nasty and can cost you some money depending on where all the water goes and how long it sits. To try and avoid any nasty surprises you need to winterize the rental.

  • We have the heat on. If you don’t want to spend the money on heating the rental, especially if it stays really cold for long periods of time, you will want to shut off the water.
  • The electric could go out and our heat will go with it. My rentals are all over northeast Ohio and I don’t have the time to check on each one each day the temperature is below freezing. To avoid checking pipes constantly, I am turning off the water to winterize the rental.
  • To turn off the water in the house
    • Find the water pipe, It’s generally coming out of the floor in the basement or the bottom-most level of the rental. It will have a meter on it and either a lever or globe valve.
      • The globe valve gets turned all the way to the right.
      • The lever is turned so it is perpendicular to the pipe
    • 3 feet below grade is where the freezer line is. If your basement ceiling is about 6 feet tall and the valve for the water is 2-3 feet from the floor, you should be fine. The pipe will not freeze.
  • After the valve has been turned, you should find the nearest sink (some basements have utility sinks) and run the cold water until nothing comes out.

Don’t Forget!

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