In this episode, Dr. Matt Motil talks about how to learn from adversity through opportunity.

This episode is based on an article written for the Good Men Project, which can be found here

Everyone goes through shit including me!

This episode steams through leveling up.

Let’s get started…

Opportunity From Adversity


1. Background


Like I said, everyone goes through shit!

I am from the middle class, and had a good upbringing.  I never felt like I missed out on certain opportunities.

I too have gone through struggles ranging from my son having seizures, moving at the absolute worst time (the peak of the market crash), being divorced, diagnosed with cancer at the age of 30, and finally hitting rock bottom and having those suicidal thoughts.  I felt like I couldn’t escape!

I struggled in business for a long time, eventually becoming a “burn out,” and was eventually about to overcome that.  From there I was able to fire my boss forever and turn things around!


2. The Victim


During this rough time, I allowed myself to be the victim.

Our society wants a victim based society for 1) it’s easier that way, no one wants to take responsibility, and 2) it’s easier to control the population when you’ve beaten them down past submission.


3. How To Overcome Challenges


I first started as a project manager.  I didn’t know a whole lot in this field, and it was extremely overwhelming.

I was thrown into huge projects in short periods of times with extreme work overload.

As time went on, my comfort level adjusted and I was able to overcome these challenges.

You have to struggle through it to overcome it.

This helps you gain both physical and mental skills to LEVEL UP.

You need to push through the tough times because things WILL get hard.

When you start thinking about quitting, that is your chance to think this is my opportunity to learn from adversity.

The idea is to learn how to not keep going through the same challenges and ultimately become a better leader.





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