In this episode, Dr. Matt Motil interviews tattoo artist and entrepreneur, Josh Carter.

He just opened his own shop with partner John in Old Town Scottsdale in Phoenix, Arizona.

Let’s get started…

Special Guest Josh Carter


1. Introduction


Josh is a tattoo artist, but predominately in the LA and Phoenix markets.

He has been tattooing forever.

He decided he wanted to evolve his business and opened a shop in Old Town Scottsdale with partner John.

Josh wanted to create higher culture shop.

The store opened in November.

He decided to be partners with John because the shop would be better and things would be done faster.

The vibe is at the shop.

So far a good number of clients have followed him, and there have been walk-ins.

Josh is 40 years old with 3 children.


2. How Long Have You Known John?


John is his partner.

He started working with John 3 years ago.

He has been acquainted with John for around 7-8 years.


3. When Did You Start Tattooing?


At 18 years old.

Josh went to college and had met a girl that was covered with tattoos and piercings.

He ended up dating her and worked in her shop at the front counter.

She did piercings, and taught Josh how to pierce.

Josh had mentioned that he wanted to tattoo, and the tattoo artists at the shop laughed at him.

No one listened to him.

Finally, Josh got his own stuff and learned from someone else.

He would tattoo homeless people, and friends for free.

One day somebody finally gave Josh a job as a real tattoo artist.

Josh made his way to custom shops.

He had his first daughter in California.

When his wife at the time lost her job, they moved to Phoenix where he resides now.


4. When Did The Switch Flip “On” For You As An Entrepreneur?

As soon as Josh hit puberty.

Josh believes tattooing has saved his life!

He had a few “traditional” jobs growing up such a painter/maintenance guy at L.A. Times, a shoe shiner, and he worked at Cinnabon.

5. What Is Your Definition Of Success?

The idea of “success” has changed in his life.

Josh saw his mom struggle while growing up, she was a single mom.

He saw behaviors and certain things, that he had made a point that he was going to make a better life for himself.

When he had his first daughter, his life changed.Josh has developed a career, worked hard, and is known to be obsessively focused.

His definition of “success,” is having enough to be comfortable and enjoy life.

6. What Is Your Why?


It’s to create the environment he wants to be in.

You have to create your own world that you want to live in.

There is many why’s…. freedom, getting rid of those negative people in your life, etc.

7. What Is One Thing You Would Tell 10-Years Younger You?


Josh doesn’t dwell on that kind of stuff.

You are supposed to come into periods of your life that are made for you.

The journey he created was exactly what it was supposed to be.

Josh had to go through what he went through to end up where he is now!

If anything he would have started saving 10% of his income, and told himself “don’t worry, it will get better.”


8. How Can We Reach Out To You?


Through his Instagram!

Through his website!

Through his shop!

Through his email:


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