In this episode, Dr. Matt Motil interviews 3-time company owner and entrepreneur, Brandon Sobotka!

This show takes a crazy turn of events, spiraling down many entrepreneurial topics outside of the Doctor’s questions (a can’t miss!)

Brandon mentions both Psychological Flow (how to harness the power of flow to make better decisions and enhance performance) and Ambivalent Friends Science (the science of frenemies)

Let’s get started…

Special Guest Brandon Sobotka


1. Introduction


Brandon is from Indianapolis.

He owns 3 companies:

  1. Brand Consultant | Entrepreneur Coach | Speaker
  2. Emerge Brand Consulting
  3. Lady Leader Lifestyle

The Lady Leader Lifestyle company is a company based on fitness, nutrition, and mindset for mom-entrepreneurs and/or professional woman! He co-founded it with his wife.



2. When Did The Switch Flip “On” For You As An Entrepreneur?


The first entrepreneurial seed was planted after reading, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey.

A curiosity arose in Brandon after reading this…. “I want to do this,” he thought.

He worked “real” jobs and went to college, and found himself succeeding in these roles because of that underlying entrepreneurial DNA.

He would take roles that would consist of turning things around or building things from scratch.

It trigged he couldn’t be an employee when things such as the ability of growth or not be able to speak his mind got taken away from him.

Brandon knew he needed to get out and do his own thing.


3. How Do You Maintain Balance Between Work And Home? IS There Such A Thing?


Brandon looks at work and home life balance as integrity and harmony; not balance.

Integrity meaning all the pieces fitting together right and going in the right place.

On Sunday’s his wife and him will sit down and look at the schedule for the week.

What are their priorities for the week?

They will see if their schedules works together to move forward, no matter the pieces given.

They do this weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.


4. What Is Your Definition Of Success?



Fulfillment as in growth as an individual: to continue to progress in the right direction.

It’s obtaining enough information and knowledge that it becomes “wisdom.”

Brandon believes there is no such thing as failure! Every lesson from failure creates growth.

When a client grows, Brandon grows.

He wants to be a better husband, father, and businessman all within harmony.


5. What Is The One Book That Changed It All For You?


7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

Integrity: The Courage to Meet the Demands of Reality: How Six Essential Qualities Determine Your Success in Business by Dr. Henry Cloud


12. How Can We Reach Out To You?


Through either company websites listed in the introduction!

You can personally email Brandon:

He will provide you with a complimentary Brand Breakthrough Strategy Session!


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