In this episode, Dr. Matt Motil interviews American entrepreneur, Doug Crowe, even though he currently resides in Thailand!

Doug is known for traveling the world!

Let’s get started…

Special Guest Doug Crowe


1. Introduction


Doug graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor’s degree in speech, concentration, film and TV.

He is an accomplished writer in Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, Yahoo Finance, and The Seattle Times.



2. When Did The Switch Flip “On” For You As An Entrepreneur?


At 9 years old!

He never had a job at a company more than a year and a half.


3. What Was Your First “Hustle?”


Doug was a magician in high school.

He had 3 jobs in college.

Doug had a conversation with Richard Allen about real estate, and Allen asked him to join his webinar. Doug couldn’t afford it, and decided to get his book.

A year and 1/2 later he bought his first property.


4. What Is Your Why?


Doug loves what he does!

He loves creating courses, but its mainly the money.

He is able to be in control of his income.

Sometimes its a lot of work to get that buck.


5. How Do You Maintain Balance Between Work And Home? IS There Such A Thing?


It’s different when you travel.

Doug’s personal life is his business life.

With traveling he has made new friends, and gotten a new perspective.



6. What Is Your Definition Of Success?


It’s a journey not a destination.

Success is always in motion, there’s always room to expand your network.

Doug’s definition of success is more coming in than going out.



7. What Is The Biggest Obstacle You Have Overcome Thus Far?


Doug grew up in a family that weren’t entrepreneurs.

He has struggled with the mental shift of going through the process of learning.

Its an everyday fight/struggle, but he wouldn’t trade it for anything!


8. What Keeps You Going After A Setback or Failure?


Don’t take “no” as an answer!

Never quit!


9. What Is The One Book That Changed It All For You?


How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

You’re Not Moving Slow Enough: The Unexpected Formula to Lasting Influence by Ariel Halevi

Anything by Bob Proctor!


10. What Is One Thing You Would Tell 10-Years Younger You?


To not buy the last building!

It totally wiped Doug out!



12. How Can We Reach Out To You?


Through his blue print on how to be a best selling author.

Through his site to sell yourself.

Through his website:


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