In this episode, Dr. Matt Motil interviews digital marketing and entrepreneur coach Jeff Long.

Jeff has owned his own company since 2003.

Let’s get started…

Special Guest Jeff Long


1. Introduction


Jeff is from Dayton, Ohio.

He has a family with two little girls.

Jeff never had a “real job.”

The company Jeff runs does strategy consulting, video marketing, video optimization, and online course creation.



2. When Did The Switch Flip “On” For You As An Entrepreneur?


In junior high and high school Jeff had to do fundraising, by going door to door asking for donations.

He also had a paper route.

When he got a “traditional job” in high school and college he didn’t like it at all.

Jeff was stressed in college because he didn’t know what he wanted to do.

Right out of college, Jeff decided to start a marketing agency.


3. What Was Your First “Hustle?”


Jeff sold different video ads (on DVD) to different companies.

He would go door to door to different business owners.

The 1st door he had gone to, they bought the most expensive package.

This was considered Jeff’s first “hustle.”


4. What Is Your Why?


Everyday that Jeff wakes up it is’t a chore, it isn’t a job to him.

He feels excited because he can’t wait to go to work!

He loves what he does and his clients.

Jeff loves the flexibility an entrepreneur brings.

He is able to choose his own projects, chose his clients, and can attend family functions whenever.


5. How Do You Maintain Balance Between Work And Home? IS There Such A Thing?


Jeff has to put his guard rails up.

If he’s not careful he can overwork himself because he loves what he does, but that can hurt his family life.

He’s not great at it, but he tries with rarely checking his email or taking phone calls nights or weekends.



6. What Is Your Definition Of Success?


The freedom and flexibility an entrepreneur brings.

Jeff loves having the option to pick when he works, who he works with, and the projects he takes on.


7. What Is The Biggest Obstacle You Have Overcome Thus Far?


Jeff grew up in a family that weren’t entrepreneurs.

He has struggled with the mental shift of going through the process of learning.

Its an everyday fight/struggle, but he wouldn’t trade it for anything!


8. What Keeps You Going After A Setback or Failure?


Being with other like-minded people.

Jeff is part of a mastermind group and he is able to bounce ideas amongst the others and it’s a place to vent.

He doesn’t have time to feel sorry for himself.


9. What Is The One Book That Changed It All For You?


Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


10. What Is One Thing You Would Tell 10-Years Younger You?


The philosophy of always “planting seeds.”

Keep working hard and planting those seeds because you never know which will harvest!


11. What’s Next For You?


He created a podcast called The Online Course Coach Podcast – Tips & Interviews on How to Create Online Courses, eLearning, Video Training & Membership S.

Jeff also created a new course that teaches people how to use technology!


12. How Can We Reach Out To You?


Through his marketing media website:


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