In this episode, Dr. Matt Motil interviews entrepreneur and real estate investor Matt Theriault.

He was forced to start his life over again at the age of 30.

Both Matt’s share similar stories!

Let’s get started…

Special Guest With Matt Theriault


1. Introduction


Matt lives in Florida.

When he was forced to start his life over again he chose real estate.

Matt started as a real estate agent, but quickly became an real estate investor.

He had the “buy n hold” mentality and quickly built his portfolio up.

Matt has been doing this for 10 years and has a thriving real estate business.

He wants to teach others how to do the same!


2. How Many Units Do You Own At This Point?


About two years ago, Matt had about 300 units.

Now he has under 100 because he has taken the time to improve the quality of his portfolio.


3. What Type Of Properties Do You Typically Invest In?


Matt says multi-families have mostly bit him in the butt, and just sold his last one.

He is 100% single family homes right now.


4. When Did The Switch Flip “On” For You As An Entrepreneur?


At a young age Matt was an entrepreneur before he even knew what an entrepreneur was.

As cliche as it sounds, he ran his own lemonade stands and had his own paper route.

He believes in his late teens/early 20’s he officially became an entrepreneur.

That’s when Matt opened his own record label!


5. Tell Me About The Record Label…


Early in high school Matt was the disk jockey.

He got a drum machine and started mixing the drum machine with his records.

Matt was known as the “mixtape guy” at school.

He became a DJ by signing artists. This is where he began making real live records and his business evolved.

Matt’s records received major label distribution all around the world.

This was considered his first “hustle.”


6. Did You Ever Go Get A Traditional Job At Some Point?


Every side job served as a band-aid to making ends meet in-between his entreprenuial switch.

Matt did odd ball jobs such as washing golf carts, washing dishes in a Chinese kitchen, and changing lightbulbs in a Nordstrom.


7. What Is Your Why?


At one point 6 years ago his “why” was to be able to retire. He said “I don’t want to do anything.”

As for now, its growth! He wants to see how far they can take it.


8. How Do You Maintain Balance Between Work And Home? Is There Such A Thing?


Matt is actually on his 3rd marriage.

He says it finally worked this time because both him and his wife work together.

They are both entrepreneurs and its their life.

He quotes “I found someone as insane as me.”


9. Does She Work With You In The Business?


They both work in the same business, but control different parts.


10. What Is Your Definition Of Success?


Matt says you can ask him this question about 4-5 different times a year and you’ll get a different answer.

He says if he’s better off this year than last year that’s success to him.

He always wants to make each year more comfortable and more fun!


11. What Is The Biggest Obstacle You Have Overcome Thus Far?


When in the music business Matt had a formula that worked day in and day out for about two years.

On his final year the business was a 7-figure business.

When the formula stopped working, Matt continued to throw money at it for about 6 months and ultimately became bankrupt.

The doors of the business closed and he fell hard.

He eventually figured out no one is going to save him, and that was the big turn around for him.


12. How Long Did It Take You From That Point To Where You Then Again Felt Comfortable/Back In Control?


A manager from the grocery store he had been working at suggested he get into real estate to get his money and life back.

A quote that stuck with him was “real estate is the final frontier where the average person has a legitimate shot at creating real wealth.”

Within 24 hours of talking with his manager, Matt was enrolled in real estate school to become a real estate agent.

He sold his 1st house at his 1st open house and was named “rookie of the year.”

So ultimately it took Matt 4-5 months to get back in control of his life.


13. What Keeps You Going After A Setback Or Failure?


The motion of knowing if this doesn’t work out or if he doesn’t go out and help himself that the marketplace validates him as someone worthy of bagging groceries and not too much more than that.

That’s his motivation, it terrifies Matt when something goes a little off.

A quote that keeps Matt going… “if you are going through hell, keep going.”

If you don’t like what is happening, don’t focus on what’s happening, but what you want to happen then follow this with action!

These motivational words pulled Matt through every struggle, every single time.


14. What Is One Book That Has Changed It All For You?


Matt said The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.

It made him realize every decision you make matters; no matter how small or big.


15. What Is One Thing You Would Tell 10-Year Younger You?


To relax! Everything is going to be fine.

To play bigger and have self confidence!


16. What’s Next For You?


Matt made a real estate fund.

He changed the entity of how to operate his own real estate investing company.

It enables people to buy shares in what he does.

He also is creating a new implementation system.

Matt has 5 times the success stories as the previous year and wants to continue to grow.

Implementation was a problem with his clients so he has taken his own business and systemized it by creating SOP’s, automating and delegating.

He then copy and pastes his business into client’s businesses (fulfillment summits).

Ultimately Matt puts their business together for them.


17. How Can People Reach Out To You?


Through his podcast Epic Real Estate Investing.

He also has a free lead generator!


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