In this episode, Dr. Matt Motil interviews his good friend Joe Evangelisti.

He is from the Southern, New Jersey area.

He built a business that consists of a bunch of different real estate practices including rehab fix N flip, retail sales, REMAX branch, wholesale, lending practices, and buy N hold.

Let’s get started…

Next Level With Joe Evangelisti


1. How Did You First Get Started In Real Estate Investing?


Joe first started with fix n flipping.

He had a construction background which helped him complete 3 deals on his own.


2. During Your First Deal, What Was Your Thought Process? Did You Want To Scale?


Joe did his first deal on his own, got sucked into the second, and finally by the third realized he didn’t want to do this anymore (on his own).

He learned about OPM (other people’s money) and used that to help scale his inventory.

He found it challenging to raise private lending to scale his business, but knew it was needed.


3. Do You Think in The Beginning Loans Held You Back From Understanding the Concept of Being Able to Still Buy Real Estate Without Your Own Money?


Joe lives by the quote, “fail forward.”

You have to go through some uncomfortable situations sometimes, but at the end of the day its all learning lessons.

He is grateful for them because they helped him be able to do his business in the right way.

Now Joe focuses on investing in his brand and self.


4. What Does Your Business Look Like These Days?


Joe was able to pack up his office and walk out. His office is wherever he wants it to be that day, all thanks to the help of his employees.

He has two separate companies under 1 roof.

His operations company consists of acquiring and rehabbing properties.

It’s basically an assembly sign… you buy the property, put the property under rehab, you give the fully rehabbed property to the retail market (AKA Remax). The retail market then takes the listings under market and sells them.

On the retail side, you are given the choice to either keep or wholesale the contract.

Joe is basically a fly on the wall for all these procedures, and focuses on creating mastermind events for people. He has taken the CEO/visionary role.


5. If Someone Wanted To Get More Information On You, How Could They?




Direct message him on Facebook!


6. At What Point Did You Realize You Were No Longer An Entrepreneur and a Legitimate CEO?


There was a shifting point and that was people for Joe.

He became suddenly burned out when working alone, that he eventually hired an assistant and a mentor.

The biggest thing for him was having employees, and those people had employees. That was the only way to scale his business.


7. What’s The Difference Maker For Those Who Make It Vs Those Who Don’t?


  1. Consistency — find out what you are really good at and run with it!
  2. Failing and getting back up — people fail and quit, you need to get back up every time you fail and quickly!


8. If You Had To Pick 1 Mindset Book What Would It Be?


The 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss.

It totally changed his mindset.


9. What Are You Reading Right Now?


Principles: Life and Work by Ray Dalio.


10. What’s One Piece of Advice You’d Give to 27-Year-Old Joe?


Joe wouldn’t change much, all his experiences lead him here.

They were all lessons learned!


11. What’s Next?


Joe is creating a mastermind called Inner Circle Family that will eventually hold 25-30 people at most.

He is mentoring different business owners by running great events and even destination events!


12. In Your Mastermind Group, Are You Going to Keep it Real Estate Related?


Yes, but not completely.

It will be for a variety of different business owners.

Joe believes it will drive better questions, more marketing, and different practices.



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