In this episode, Dr. Matt Motil interviews entrepreneur Nathan Walker.

He has built several companies that have reached multi-millionaire status.

Let’s get started…

Special Guest Nathan Walker


1. Introduction


Nathan was born and raised in Northwest Indiana.

He has been in sales his whole life, starting at a young age and making a career out of it.

He has built companies and wealth through in-home sales and wants to help others do the same!

Nathan is married and has two daughters.


2. When Did The Switch Flip “On” For You As An Entrepreneur?


It started out as a young kid and growing up in a home where his parents struggled to make ends meet.

He had either two options…

1: work his ass off at the Mill.

Or 2: go into business. Going into business meant taking risks, but also building wealth.

The switch first went “on” when Nathan was able to make a lot of money being in direct sales.

Nathan has a family that depends on him and he wanted to create wealth.

He thought… “how do I duplicate myself and create businesses and enjoy the money?”


3. What Was Your First “Hustle?”


Nathan jokes his first hustle may not be considered a “hustle” because he grew up in a small town.

He still remembers to this day receiving a ‘D’ on his final exam in Chemistry.

He knew he couldn’t get a ‘D’ in the class, so he made the decision of going up to the teacher and requesting a new grade. Thats when the motions starting grinding.

The teacher ultimately fixed Nathan’s grade and gave him a 73%.

He learned that day is all you have to do is ask.

Nathan describes that day is the “day things clicked.”


4. What Is Your Why?


Nathan has big goals, and he knows if his goals were just based around himself, it would be easy to back off.

He doesn’t ever want to go through what his parents went through and this is why his goal now is to help others just like him.

He wants to give others the freedom money allows you to have.

Nathan said there is 2 things he doesn’t want to happen…

  1. fight with his wife about money
  2. let his daughters ever see him stressed about money

Those things drive Nathan to keep his pedal to the metal!


5. How Do You Maintain Balance Between Work And Home? Is There Such A Thing?


Nathan mentions the saying “leave work at work and home at home…”

He believes thats a big problem in families today.

He keeps his family very involved in his business.

Nathan makes sure the kids understand whats going on, so everyone is on the same page.

His household keeps a strong communication and heavy involvement in the business.

He believes you can do both if you keep your focus sharp and properly manage your time.


6. What Is Your Definition Of Success?


Over the years its changed a few times.

At one time success was the things you owned.

Nathan now describes success as your needs being met, but having the ability to get whatever you want.


7. What Is The Biggest Obstacle You Have Overcome Thus Far?


Nathan describes his life as being overall good because HE chose to make it good.

He had a hard time trying to figure out how to duplicate himself in business to ultimately scale, grow, create teams, help others, and create wealth.

He solved this obstacle by creating good sales procedures.


8. What Keeps You Going After A Setback Of Failure?


Nathan often uses the saying “things can be discouraging, but you can never be discouraged.”

Although things can suck at times, he doesn’t let it end him.

He forces himself to get through it.

Another quote that helps Nathan is “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.”


9. What Is The One Book That Changed It All For You?


Nathan picked two books!

  1. The All-Star Sales Book: Get in the Game, Boost Your Numbers, and Earn the Big Bucks by Billy Cox
  2. Be Obsessed or Be Average by Grant Cardone

One of his favorite quotes from the first book is “you can never score a winning touchdown by sitting on the bench.”


10. What Is One Thing You Would Tell 10-Years Younger You?


Nathan would have had a prep talk with himself that everything is going to work out.

At times it was stressful, and he didn’t have a lot of people rooting for him.


11. What’s Next For You?


Nathan figured out none of his businesses were providing a good online training that would help in-home sales people go from intro to close without getting objections.

He created a virtual training based on some systems and a step by step process to do just that!

He also started creating a program that helps all areas of a small business owner become profitable fast.

This includes recruiting, training, culture, service, etc.


12. How Can We Get Ahold Of You?


Nathan is very active on Facebook! Give him a follow!

He has an Instagram: the_nathanwalker

He has a website for the training he described: www.levelupvt.vom


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