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Investing in real estate and making a healthy profit isn’t brain surgery. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to be a successful real estate investor. You don’t have to be rich either. Anyone can do it and that’s exactly what shows you how to do it.

This website is dedicated to showing (any level of real estate investor) how they can fire their boss, quit their 9 to 5, and build a business/lifestyle they love earning a passive income from real estate investments.

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I’ve dedicated lots of time and money over the years honing my craft and I share it all on my blog. Check them out.

Hi, My name is Dr. Matt Motil and here is a little of my story…

I’m a real estate investor and agent. I have had the pleasure of working with hundreds of investors from all over the world and helped them to grow massive wealth and passive income through remote real estate investments. I also lead a retail real estate team working with buyers and sellers servicing all 50 states. When I have the spare time, I teach college courses as an adjunct professor at a handful of colleges and universities.

Before real estate, I spent 17 years as a project manager and licensed engineer in the construction industry building bridges, highways and industrial plants throughout the United States. Through my research and firsthand experiences, I’ve leveraged my passions to become an author, mentor, and teacher, and I help people all over the world unlock their passions to achieve their highest potential.

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Free Guide: Out Of State Investing

After helping 100’s of people invest remotely in real estate I put together the Ultimate Guide for Out of State Real Estate Investing.

Getting Started In Real Estate

Hit the ground running and avoid the common pitfalls in the real estate industry so you can quickly build a business and lifestyle you love.

Start Investing In Real Estate Now

Learn how I’m helping people quit their jobs forever and make small fortunes without needing cash, credit or even a license!

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